Violin Rental Terms & Conditions



Monthly Rental Fee

Monthly Protection Plan

Monthly Surcharge

$ 125.00

$ 22.50

$ 7.50

$ 5.00

First Charge For 3 Months (+ taxes)

$ 230.00


Quarterly Charge Plan (+ taxes)

$ 105.00

Monthly Charge Plan (+ taxes)

$ 35.00

Note: All Recurring Payment Plan prices include Monthly Protection Plan and Monthly Surcharge price structure from First Payment table.


  1. We, LP Violins Corporation (hereby after LP Violins) provide you, the Renter, a fine quality rental instrument, bow and case, properly set up and ready to play.
  2. We are Your Resource for free advice on care, tuning help, and adjustments for playability and sound.
  3. Our Protection Plan Covers cost of repairs/defects, broken strings, most accidental damage to instruments, bows and/or cases. Renters qualify for 50% off on listed strings AND re-hairs, which should be replaced yearly, in order to maintain your instrument. In cases of fatal damage, the Renter is responsible for repair or replacement charges up to, but not exceeding, the amount of the deposit.
  4. Exchanges in Size of instruments are made free of charge as long as you have maintained your instrument, i.e., changed your strings and rehaired your bow once a year. If it is determined that either/both of these are needed, you may be charged a restocking fee. Renters qualify for wholesale restocking fees (see #3).
  5. Minimum rental period: Each rental begins with a 3-month minimum period. After that period the rental is billed either monthly or quarterly. There is no long-term contract. The Renter may return the instrument at any time after the 3rd month.
  6. Refunds: There are NO refunds for any amounts that have already been billed.
  7. Earn Credit to Purchase: Renters may apply 100% of their Rental Fees (Monthly amount listed on Rental Agreement) to purchase any instrument at any time during the rental, as long as all payments have been kept current. Credit is to be used for one outfit or instrument of greater or equal value and of the same instrument family that is being rented (i.e., violin rental for a violin). Rental credit is not transferable and is forfeited if the rental is returned.
  8. Deposit: Is fully refundable when your well-cared-for rental instrument is returned. Repairs made necessary by serious damage caused through neglect will be repaired by LP Violins at the expense of the Renter, at a cost not exceeding the deposit.


  1. Treat your rental with care: 1. DO humidify, keep out of the cold and DON’T place it near a heat source in the winter; 2. DON’T leave in an unattended car and NEVER put in the trunk of a car; 3. Occasionally check to see if the bow has been loosened; 4. DON’T put Scotch Tape on your instrument.
  2. You agree to have NO ONE except LP Violins adjust, work on, or repair your rental instrument.
  3. Keep your billing info current: It is your responsibility to make sure we have your current credit card, phone, and email.
  4. Late Fees: If your credit card charge can’t be processed within 7 days of the billing date, a late fee of $5/week will be charged until payment can be processed.
  5. Non-Payment: If rent is not paid or credit card is declined for three consecutive weeks, you may lose your accumulated credit and we may ask for the instrument’s return. If it is not returned it shall be considered stolen and referred to the Renter’s local Police department. The Renter shall be responsible for the retail purchase price of the instrument, plus any and all legal expenses which may be incurred. In the above case, the Renter also gives permission to LP Violins to repossess the instrument from the Renter’s/Student’s home.